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Which of the following describes the management function of planning

Listed below are the three functions of the management of an organization. 1. Planning 2. Directing 3. Controlling Identify which of the following statements best describes each of the above functions. (a) requires management to look ahead and to establish objectives. A key objective of management is to add value to the business. (b) involves coordinating the diverse activities and human resources of a company to produce a smooth-running operation. This function relates to the implementation of planned objectives. (c) is the process of keeping the activities on track. Management must determine whether goals are being met and what changes are necessary when there are deviations.


Planning = Statement (a)

Directing = Statement (b)

Controlling = Statement (c)


Planning is the first step of action initiated by the management. It helps the organization to define the goals and the plan to achieve such goal.

Directing is all about creating the understanding of the plan among the employees of the company, about the objectives, and the need to attain the objective, the manner to achieve the objective.

Controlling is the precautionary step in the action, as it clearly monitors the employees while working on the objectives, that when they are not deviated from the project, or its objectives.