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How does unethical behavior in an organization affect its workforce

How does unethical behavior in an organization affect its workforce?


The correct answer is that the unethical behavior tend to harm the organization and its workfoce due to the fact that unconfortable situations occur when unethical behavior is present.


To begin with, it is important to establish an ethic code inside an organization and also to give guidance to the employees due to the fact that sometimes certain situations may occur that could possibly damage the inside structure of the organization and the way the business works. Moreover, the managers have the important task of teaching the employees the values and beliefs that the company suppots and wants to show with the audience and therefore in order to do that the entire company must know how to procede against certain situations that could affect it.

To continue, the unethical behavior inside an organization may cause some of the workers feel less comfortable in the business and that could have repercussions in the way they treat the clientsAnd if the customers do not feel comfortable with the way the company or any of its employees do their jobs then the clients will not purchase from them again.