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Who was the first navigator to sail around the world

Ferdinand Magellan, a Portuguese navigator and sailor who sailed for Spain, was the first European to find a waterway between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, and sail across the Pacific. He was the first person to lead a voyage completely around the world, proving that the Earth is round.

In September 1519, Magellan left from southwestern Spain in command of five ships and a crew of over 250. The expedition sailed across the Atlantic and down the eastern coast of South America. As they sailed, they explored large rivers looking for the waterway that would connect them to the Pacific. When cold weather and winter storms forced them to camp near the southern tip of the continent, Magellan had serious problems to contend with. One of his ships was destroyed while exploring the area. A group of sailors unhappy with the length and danger of the trip attempted to take control of the expedition and return to Spain. Magellan put down this mutiny attempt by force, beheading the leader and leaving other members of the mutiny behind when the expedition continued. In October 1520, over a year after leaving Spain, they discovered the passage to the Pacific—a passage now called the Strait of Magellan. It took over a month to sail through the narrow, cold, stormy strait. During the passage through the strait one of Magellan’s ships deserted and returned to Spain. On November 28, the three remaining ships sailed out of the strait and into the ocean. Magellan named the ocean Pacifico (Pacific) which means peaceful because, compared to the tumultuous strait they had just been through, the ocean was amazingly calm. Since no European had previously crossed the Pacific, Earth’s largest stretch of ocean, Magellan and his crew had no idea how big it was and how long it would be before they would again see land. As they sailed month after month, their situation became desperate. Much of the crew became sick from scurvy, a disease caused by lack of vitamin C. Food supplies were not adequate for such a long voyage and those who not killed by scurvy were reduced to eating rats, shoe leather, and sawdust to survive. After over three months of sailing, Magellan’s expedition arrived in the islands now known as the Philippines. In the several weeks they stayed in the Philippines to recover Magellan and members of his crew became close to the islanders. Magellan converted some to Christianity. In April 1521 Magellan was killed while participating in a battle between rival groups on the island of Mactan. Based on the passage above, what does tumultuous mean?A. rough and uncertain B. calm and peaceful C. fun and exciting D. dull and boring


C. fun and exciting