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How many 8 by 8 tiles in a square foot

How many 8-inch square tiles are needed to cover a rectangle floor that is 10 ft. long and 8 ft. wide?

A. 80
B. 10
C. 180
D. 160


180 tiles

Step-by-step explanation:

It’s easiest to work with only one unit for length and one unit for area. We will work with inches and square inches, and we will convert feet to inches.

An 8-inch square tile is a tile shaped like a square whose side measures 8 inches.

area of square = side^2

area of 1 tile = (8 in.)^2 = 64 in.^2

One 8-inch, square tile has an area of 64 sq in.

Now we need to find the area of the floor in square inches.

1 ft = 12 in.

We multiply each dimension in ft by 12 to find inches.

10 ft = 10 * 12 in. = 120 in.

8 ft = 8 * 12 in. = 96 in.

Now we find the area of the rectangular floor.

area of rectangle = length * width

area of rectangle = 120 in. * 96 in.

area of rectangle = 11,520 sq in.

The rectangular floor has an area of 11,520 sq in.

Each tile has an area of 64 sq in.

To see how many tiles are needed, we divide the area of the floor by the area of one tile.

number of tiles = (11,520 sq in.)/(64 sq in.) = 180

Answer: 180 tiles