Quiz Temukan Jawabanmu Disini

Describes the difference between two sounds having the same pitch

1. What is the difference between sounds that have the same pitch and loudness?
A.the standing wave
B.the natural frequency
C.the sound quality
D. the resonance
2.What does resonance result in?
A.quieter sounds
D.louder sounds
3.Nico vibrates an object at different frequencies. At a certain frequency, the sound gets louder and then returns to the same volume when he moves to the next frequency.
What is occurring when the sound gets louder? Check all that apply.
The natural frequency of the object is changing.
The amplitude of the wave is doubling.
A standing wave is being generated.
Resonance is creating the louder sound.
The material is vibrating at its natural frequency


The answer to 1 is B
The answer to 2 is C
3 is the fourth one