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How to get a square root out of the denominator

You are dividing two square roots, and the radicand in the denominator does not divide into the radicand in the numerator. Explain what you need to do.

So here is what you need to do is, it all depends on the specific radicals and the desired outcome.  here are two things that can help you solve radical expressions:
1. factor out both radicals to see if anything can be divided out of them.
2. Multiply the top and bottom by something that converts the denominators to an integer or non-radical expression.

Here are some examples
1.  \sqrt{x} 25/ \sqrt{x} 15 = ( \sqrt{x} 5  *  \sqrt{x} 5 ) / ( \sqrt{x} 3 *  \sqrt{x} 5) = \sqrt{x} 5/ \sqrt{x} 3