Quiz Temukan Jawabanmu Disini

A word that is spelled the same but means different

Homographs are words that are spelled the same but have different meanings. They are sometimes pronounced differently, For example, the word lead can refer to a kind of heavy metal, or it can be a verb meaning to manage or oversee. When you come across a homograph in a text, use nearby words and context clues to figure out which meaning the author is using.

A. Read the sentences below. Underline the context clues to help you understand the meaning of the homograph in bold. Then write the meaning of the word on the line. 1. He tried hard to win the race, but he only came in (second) place. 2. The quick flash of lightning lit up the dark room for less than a (second). 3. The factory is able to (produce) thousands of cars every year. 4. The fruits and vegetables in the (produce) aisle looked very fresh. B. Write two sentences on the lines. In your first sentence, use the word bat to refer to the wooden club used in baseball. In your second sentence, use bat to refer to the flying animal.​


1. Context Clue: “Win the race” Meaning: He came in after the first person

2. Context Clue: “for less than” Meaning: it only last a second as in time.

3. Context Clue: “The factory” Meaning: manufacture

4. Context Clue: “Fruits and vegetables” Meaning: things that have been grown in a farm.

B. Bat: wooden club: The baseball player threw his bat after he had hit the best homerun of his career, the crowd was cheering loudly.

Bat: animal: Once we entered the cave all the bats went flying out along with their family, we must of scared them.